Where to find IH Cologne

IH Cologne - in Ehrenfeld zu Hause

Arrival by public transport  

From city center:

  • Take line 3 or 4 (towards Bocklemünd) and get off at Piusstr., from there it is a 4 minute walk to our school - facing away from the city center, you will find the street "Piusstraße" to your left, walk down the street until it meets Vogelsanger Str. and turn right, from there it is about 100 m to our school

From the south:

  • Take line 13 (towards Holweide Vischeringstr.) and get off at Venloer Straße/Gürtel, switch to line 3 or 4 (towards Dellbrück Thielenbruch (3), Mülheim Keupstr. (4)) and get off at Körnerstraße, from there it's a 6 minute walk to our school - walk towards the city center and turn right at the large square, walk past Kaufland until you come to Vogelsanger Str. and turn left, from there it is around 50 m to our school

Timetable public transport in Cologne (KVB): 

Getting to know Ehrenfeld, our "Veedel":


Ehrenfelder Graffitis